May 25, 2009

May 23, 2009


After dropping 4 games in a row to the yankees (3 were walk-off losses!) and 2 to the white sox, the Twins have won back-to-back games while scoring a total of 31 runs. Joe Mauer  is hitting .485 with 10 RBIs in nine games after starting the season on the DL. Morneau is back to MVP levels leading the team in HRs, RBIs and OBP. Can't spell Twins without Wins, right Dude?

May 21, 2009

Los Angeles...

El eh....

(I will be dumping various photos/tales from Los Angeles on here for the next few days, we don't get to travel much so I have a lot of vacation fodder to unload):

We stayed in this cool little apartment complex that gets rented out like a motel.
The 3 of us and my Mom an Dad shared the little bungalow, my brother's homey and his wife got the even smaller version across the way and the newlyweds stayed in the deluxe apartment in the sky. We were directly around the corner from Roscoe's. We ate there on the first day in town and again on the last morning for breakfast. Jeah.This one's for you Paulie:

May 20, 2009

Return to Earth...

Got back from Los Angeles last night. Right back on the bike this morning and behind the bar tonight. Erin is off cuttin' hair already and remarkably, Liam remains a free agent. Since we were staying in Hollywood, I just assumed he would have been picked up by a talent scout and we would have returned with a millionaire for a son. No such luck. He remains just one of many untapped treasures here in Boise, Idaho USA. He really enjoyed the hustle an bustle of big city excitement though and my brother's wedding was the feel good hit of the summer. Or spring, I guess. The wedding photographers said they typically shoot 4000 pictures and of those submit about 800 to the bride and groom! Seriously, that's a 20% rate of success. I took close to 250 pictures on the entire trip and came away with (maybe) 10 good ones (4% if you were wondering).
Anyway, back on the blog and will share some trip pics soon.

May 7, 2009

The week in pictures, Part 2...

Took this about 20 minutes ago and I like it enough to make it a "double header".

Photo by Chris Butler.

May 5, 2009

Flower, Fist and Bestial Wail...

Tweaked the page to look a little bit cleaner. If you happen to be looking in from a PC, please let me know if the pics/text got cut off. 
It's for your viewing pleasure after all.

May 4, 2009

Speaking of luck, here's one from Buk...

the lucky ones

stuck in the rain on the freeway, 6:15 p.m.,
these are the lucky ones, these are the
dutifully employed, most with their radios on as loud
as possible as they try not to think or remember.

this is our new civilization: as men
once lived in trees and caves now they live
in their automobiles and on freeways as

the local news is heard again and again while
we shift from first gear to second and back to first.

there's a poor fellow stalled in the fast lane ahead, hood
up, he's standing against the freeway fence
a newspaper over his head in the rain.

the other cars force their way around his car, pull out into
the next lane in front of cars determined to shut them off.

in the lane to my right a driver is being followed by a
police car with blinking red and blue lights - he surely
can't be speeding as

suddenly the rain comes down in a giant wash and all the
cars stop and

even with the windows up I can smell somebody's clutch

I just hope it's not mine as

the wall of water diminishes and we go back into first
gear; we are all still
a long way from home as I memorize
the silhouette of the car in front of me and the shape of the

driver's head or
I can see of it above the headrest while
his bumper sticker asks me

suddenly I have an urge to scream
as another wall of water comes down and the
man on the radio announces that there will be a 70 percent 
chance of showers tomorrow night

©2001 Linda Lee Bukowski 
reprinted with permission of Black Sparrow Press

May 2, 2009


Picture courtesy of

Liam and I tuned in to the Capitols victory over the Pens this afternoon, a rare treat seeing playoff hockey on our crappy rabbit-ear tv. Excellent game. As it was raining and my "cold" is now officially a sinus infection, we didn't do much else but bum around the abode. After ice hockey came the Kentucky Derby. I know less about horse racing than I do about sinus infections, I do know I like the one and hate the other. I'm not much of a gambler in the sporting sense of the word (when E and I went to Vegas, we played quarter slots for about 10 minutes one afternoon) so playing the ponies is less about educated guesses and more about which horse has a cooler name (or which jockey's name sounds less annoying). With lil Liam as my witness, I scrolled down the list of racers and thought Mine That Bird sounded like a good one. He posted at 51-1 odds, even better: total underdog. I didn't realize Mine That Bird had won until they showed the top 5 on the screen. All the hair on my arms stood straight up. Liam had promptly fallen asleep on my lap as the horses bounded out of the gate, and I was left to marvel at how rich I should be (a $20 bet paid $1,020!) all by my lonesome. Fun race. Lucky draw.
The Idaho Powerball was up to 77 Million on Friday, guess I have the luck but we need is the loot. 
*We got Thai food for dinner and my fortune read: You will be rewarded for your efforts within the month. Hell jeah.