February 25, 2009

Curios, knickknacks, bric-a-brac or just some crap...

7's from my wife.
Matchbooks from Zeitgeist: 
"Warm Beer Cold Women".
Two teeth from my mouth.
Brass knuckles from Thailand,
too small even for my hand. 

There's a fine line between falling and flying...

The Man Jumped Out the Window

It's the thoughts that you feed
It's the habits, you need
It's the things that you don't think that you're seeing
(When you're really seeing)
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window

It's your tone in my mouth
It's the things that we're too scared to talk about
It's the feeling that you're dreaming
(You're not really dreaming)
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window

It's the feeling that you're falling
But there's a fine line between falling and flying
It's the feeling that you've lost it
What don't you get?
What don't you get?

It's the thoughts that you feed
It's the habits you need
It's the things that you don't think that you're seeing
When you're really seeing
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window
That man jumped out the window
Come back in the window

Lyrics by Cloud Cult, hear the song here
Visit the band here.
Awesome. Some cat strolled through the pub tonite wearing a well worn Twins "TC" cap and then a few hours later I happened across this little tidbit. The Twinkies take on the Red Sox 
(they of the most annoying fan base in all of sports) tomorrow nite for spring training. 
Morneau is a cool because: 
A. He's Canadian (who doesn't like drinkin' Molsons, eh?) 
B. He played junior hockey ( I guess that's the same as example A., eh?)
C. When he won the AL MVP in 2006 Harmon Killebrew hugged him at the press conference.
(Is there a better name in baseball than Killebrew?! Maybe Dollerdomedog or Mouthfullachew)
D. He played AC/DC at his wedding.
(Erin walked the aisle to a Black Sabbath tune so we may have him beat, but he still gets points.)

February 21, 2009

Gawk, Muthas!

If I owned a Ranchero and if my wife let me park it on the lawn and if I had time left over from blessing the troops and painting various statements on wooden signs, I most certainly would paint GAWK MUTHA! on the passenger door. Promptly afterward I would paint a large, black F U on the front of the house just in case you had time for one more command. 
Thanks to Sean for the photo of the year.
I know this has been everywhere lately (Hamachi hit it early) but regardless of your opinion on it - this SNL jab is a gem...

February 20, 2009

Photo Drop

The baby is snoozing so I'm old picture perusing...

February 18, 2009

Memory Screen

I found this picture in a box of old cycling crap today. That's the "lobby" of Lightning Express messenger service in San Francisco, probably 1995 judging by my tee shirt. My bike at the time was a Trek 1220 (aluminum!) with the first round of cheap STI, a nice Brooks saddle and a Son Volt sticker. That's 98 in the black jacket, we're looking at his bike and (probably) discussing how our dispatcher gave him the bulk of the afternoon court runs. It got so bad that the rest of us just referred to him as "Money", kind of out of respect and kind of out of envy. 98 and I got along really well so we hung out when on stand-by and would end most days at Spider Murphy's Irish pub, conveniently located across the alley from LX. Seeing as we were the same height and had really long hair and worked for the same company, everyone thought we were either brothers or the same person. He continued working in SF long after I moved back to Minnesota and last I heard, the 15 or so years on the road had caught up to him. I guess he lives in a small town somewhere in Northern California and is not riding for a living. Anyway, here's to you 98, even if Wayne always gave you the gravy!

February 16, 2009

From my other favorite site: Pilderwasser.
Mark is a messenger in Seattle and has a really
unique perspective on his city living. He writes great poetry
and rides his bike across IOWA every year. 
" Zubaz pants Sammy Haggaring"? Are you kidding me?! 

different drummer

Coffee cup guy
Collecting more coffee cups
Searching stacking hoarding

Wide brim hat girl
Walking her own unique line
Counting steps running stairs

Ipod redhead paperback lady
Dancing on the corner
Waiting for the light

Pretty face chubby lady
Smoking yet another cigarette
Waiting for something better

Weiner dog scooter guy
Wielding the wheelie gene
Zubaz pants Sammy Haggaring

Backpack street dude
Prancing to his own internal beat
Two steps stop pirouette reverse continue

Moustache mullet Mariners jacket guy
Keeps his white socks pulled up high
Aggressive jaywalking strutting
Saw this on my favorite site: HOW TO AVOID THE BUMMER LIFE.
It's too good, I have to share.  

February 15, 2009

Photo copyright 2009 Doug Pensinger

Photo copyright 2009 Laura Alber

The Tour of California is up and rolling.  
Lance had his bike stolen last night after the prologue and then a reporter pissed him off (check the video HERE ) then it rained cats an dogs on Stage 1. 

February 12, 2009

Beep Beep It's the Veep...

A whole lot of really nice bikes.

These guys kept eyeballin' us, we got booted 2 minutes later.

The decoy Caddy in the lead.
Biden's ride is pictured below.

Downtown traffic was all snarled and honking as Vice President Joe Biden was in town attending the Special Olympics World Games and discussing the new administration's policy on disabilities. Over 2,000 athletes from 100 or so different countries are here competing, giving the The Grove and Downtown a really lively atmosphere. 88 and I stopped to check out the Vice Presidential motorcade from an exterior staircase on a parking garage in BoDo. State and City Police had a tight little grid surrounding the Qwest Arena on lockdown, but we were able to perch from our location for way longer than I expected. Finally, as the long line of motorcycles started to roll out towards Vista Avenue, a uniformed cop asked us politely to vacate. He cited that no one is allowed to be in position to actually view the VP getting into his car (from outside I assume), so we moved moved over to 9th Street to watch the motorcade get hot. The Veep is most certainly a Vip. 

February 9, 2009


Creative bike racks downtown, they have multiple lock placement options. Nice.

Sean prepared for a garage ramp session.

Liam's friend Vivian drew this for him, we put it on his door.

Matt wrecking metal (coping).

We had a little taste of spring then the snow returned.

I've been contemplating the manner of photo presentation on this blog for some time. A23 advised me to dump to Photobucket then drop em into the site for bigger/cleaner pics. I tried that for the Red Fang picture in the last post and the size and resolution looks great but when I viewed it on a smaller screen (not a Mac) the right side was cut off. Considering that the drummer is the picture it looked pretty stupid without him. So, the photos to follow will be back to a smaller size but clicking on them should present the intended view. 

February 8, 2009

RAD Fang

I really like how this one turned out. Red Fang, 2.06.09, The Neurolux, Boise, ID

February 7, 2009

Two Things.

Two observations I made while out on the town last night: 
1. Red Fang plays some seriously good rockanfuckingroll and 
2. I am not the drinker I was pre-fatherhood. 
My head is still pounding from the consumption of a few thousands cans of Olympia coupled with an audible assault from big Sunn amps so I'm not posting rock photos til tomorrow. I will share with you the following selection of the no less than 25 pictures from my "ride" home. I somehow managed to navigate home vertically and pedaling, snapping stupid photos all along the way. It wasn't until I hit the steep lil curb at the end of our driveway that I decided to see if the grass was indeed cold or not. It was.
I can only imagine what an innocent neighbor might have thought, peeping out her window to see me laughing, flat on my back, taking flash photos of my bike and the large tree I was reclined under at 12:43 in the AM.

February 5, 2009

Saw this couch sitting next to the Greenbelt today.

It made me think of this picture...

That in turn, made me wanna hear this...

Overheard While Beertending...

A Server looking at a foil-wrapped packet of throat lozenges turns to the kitchen to find out how "lozenge" is pronounced.
Sober Cook says" Lah-sench."
Server asks "Lah. Cinch?".
Sober Cook repeats "Lah-sench."
Server says "Oh, Lah, cinch".
Underage Drunk Cook irritably blurts "God, learn to proNOUNciate, alright!".

February 1, 2009

I've been driving my folks around to different parts of the Valley looking at potential houses for them to live in. Now that the little guy is here they are considering moving closer. We found ourselves out on Eagle/HWY55, home to 4 of Idaho's busiest intersections, discussing pros (few) and cons (mainly the road itself) of living near there. We passed a big fitness center at one point and the following dialogue ensued:


MOM (sarcastically)
"Look Hon, maybe you can go there to work out."
DAD (half glancing left)
"Oh yeah. 'Spose I could go there and throw some iron around."
MOM (to me)
"He's always threatening to go to the gym and get some muscles.
But he never comes home with any."
DAD (to himself)
"They're always out of 'em by the time I get there." 


I hope they find a place and decide to move here, I'm looking forward to summer barbecues and more amusing, retiree conversations.

My folks are in town from Wisconsin. They brought me some little mints dressed up as PBRs. They scored 'em at the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee where they occasionally host incredible events such as THIS

Liam was confused as to why the can was beerless.

We took my Mom downtown for a birthday dinner.
 The taller building on the left is where my wife and I tied the knot. 
(We had cans with beer in them at the wedding.)