May 20, 2009

Return to Earth...

Got back from Los Angeles last night. Right back on the bike this morning and behind the bar tonight. Erin is off cuttin' hair already and remarkably, Liam remains a free agent. Since we were staying in Hollywood, I just assumed he would have been picked up by a talent scout and we would have returned with a millionaire for a son. No such luck. He remains just one of many untapped treasures here in Boise, Idaho USA. He really enjoyed the hustle an bustle of big city excitement though and my brother's wedding was the feel good hit of the summer. Or spring, I guess. The wedding photographers said they typically shoot 4000 pictures and of those submit about 800 to the bride and groom! Seriously, that's a 20% rate of success. I took close to 250 pictures on the entire trip and came away with (maybe) 10 good ones (4% if you were wondering).
Anyway, back on the blog and will share some trip pics soon.

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Jonny Hamachi said...

Liam needs an Agent. A pimp, I mean, solicitor. Representation.