May 6, 2009

Week of May 4th Part 1...


The Dead Acorn said...

Is the absence of the Word Of The Day due to my using a PC, or is this an abandonment of your efforts to fully celebrate the english language?

Plus, WTF is up with that hat? That kid needs a Cleveland onesie, STAT. I might put the Live Acorn on that.

Anonymous said...

The Word of the Day is still there, you're head is just filled with too many little, oneiric fantasies.

As for the MINNESOTA TWINS (World Series champs 1987,1991) hat Liam has so proudly donned-you know you dig it. He could probably use that Indians onesie too though, can never have enough burp rags lying around.

The Dead Acorn said...

Ah, I see ... it used to be up at the top to the right; now it's down at the bottom of the entire page. I can dig it.