June 2, 2009

Someday son, this will all be yours...

A couple of nights before my brother's wedding, we went out for some Guinness. He remarked offhandedly at one point, that he didn't have a belt to wear with his suit. I would be wearing a white belt (to match my spectacular white shoes) in the wedding, so I offered the extra one I had brought along. Turns out, it was the same belt I had worn at my own wedding and we laughed at what would now be the family heirloom. I can hear the conversation already:
"See this belt young Liam? This belt is a very special belt.
This is the very belt that your Father wore in his wedding to your Mother. 
This is the same belt that your Uncle wore to his ceremony. 
And now Son, this is the belt I will be using to discipline you with."*
*Relax, it's only a joke. We plan to spare the belt and spoil our child.


The Dead Acorn said...

I could use a belt. If only there were some place where I could watch the Tribe beat up on the Twins that served adult beverages.

mnM said...

Is that the peanut gallery I hear, OR is it just the bottom of the AL Central yammering on???