June 22, 2009

SunDad afternoon...

The three of us spent the entire Sunday together. It's rare lately that Mom and Dad and Baby get to relax all day together, as a complete family unit, so this was really nice. We had a big breakfast, cleaned out the garage (!), went for a bike ride, had some cold ones with Chris at the Dutch Goose and BBQ'd an entire organic chicken with a beer can in it's butt. I was very proud to be Liam's Dad on Father's Day and couldn't have asked for a better way to spend it.

Since it was National Go Skate Day as well, I bought Liam this rad little romper.
We rolled around the garage for a bit, he's a natural (but you already knew that).

Erin surprised me with an early Dad's Day present on Saturday:
 a new tattoo! Thanks Mom. Thanks Travis.

The bird was spectacular. 
Slow cooked over charcoal and apple chips. Wow.


dirty and pink said...

you are a lucky man.

Old Nevermore said...

Happy dad day, fruitcake.

It's like, the best, right?

P77 said...

Yes I am very lucky and yes it is the best. Absolutely.
Happy Daddy Day to you too, buttercup.

Sean said...

nice job on the chicken and dadding!