February 7, 2009

Two Things.

Two observations I made while out on the town last night: 
1. Red Fang plays some seriously good rockanfuckingroll and 
2. I am not the drinker I was pre-fatherhood. 
My head is still pounding from the consumption of a few thousands cans of Olympia coupled with an audible assault from big Sunn amps so I'm not posting rock photos til tomorrow. I will share with you the following selection of the no less than 25 pictures from my "ride" home. I somehow managed to navigate home vertically and pedaling, snapping stupid photos all along the way. It wasn't until I hit the steep lil curb at the end of our driveway that I decided to see if the grass was indeed cold or not. It was.
I can only imagine what an innocent neighbor might have thought, peeping out her window to see me laughing, flat on my back, taking flash photos of my bike and the large tree I was reclined under at 12:43 in the AM.

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