February 25, 2009

Awesome. Some cat strolled through the pub tonite wearing a well worn Twins "TC" cap and then a few hours later I happened across this little tidbit. The Twinkies take on the Red Sox 
(they of the most annoying fan base in all of sports) tomorrow nite for spring training. 
Morneau is a cool because: 
A. He's Canadian (who doesn't like drinkin' Molsons, eh?) 
B. He played junior hockey ( I guess that's the same as example A., eh?)
C. When he won the AL MVP in 2006 Harmon Killebrew hugged him at the press conference.
(Is there a better name in baseball than Killebrew?! Maybe Dollerdomedog or Mouthfullachew)
D. He played AC/DC at his wedding.
(Erin walked the aisle to a Black Sabbath tune so we may have him beat, but he still gets points.)


Jonny Hamachi said...

Wait, You guys both married Erins? Sabbath and AC/DC were both played at our wedding, but not during the ceremony.

P77 said...

Yes, two dirts married two Erins. Well, one Erin apiece.
It gets confusing at times, especially if his Erin is watching my Erin's (our) baby and I'm trying to explain that to someone that doesn't know us.
Back in Black Sabbath. Since "fixies" have officially humped the shark or whatever, I'll spill my idea now: Track Sabbath. You know you dig it. Ozzy sitting up giving the peace sign in a tassled blouse winning his match sprint? Fo sho.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Make for a great poster for Hallow's Eve. Hard to beat Hellraicer tho.