February 16, 2009

From my other favorite site: Pilderwasser.
Mark is a messenger in Seattle and has a really
unique perspective on his city living. He writes great poetry
and rides his bike across IOWA every year. 
" Zubaz pants Sammy Haggaring"? Are you kidding me?! 

different drummer

Coffee cup guy
Collecting more coffee cups
Searching stacking hoarding

Wide brim hat girl
Walking her own unique line
Counting steps running stairs

Ipod redhead paperback lady
Dancing on the corner
Waiting for the light

Pretty face chubby lady
Smoking yet another cigarette
Waiting for something better

Weiner dog scooter guy
Wielding the wheelie gene
Zubaz pants Sammy Haggaring

Backpack street dude
Prancing to his own internal beat
Two steps stop pirouette reverse continue

Moustache mullet Mariners jacket guy
Keeps his white socks pulled up high
Aggressive jaywalking strutting

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