February 12, 2009

Beep Beep It's the Veep...

A whole lot of really nice bikes.

These guys kept eyeballin' us, we got booted 2 minutes later.

The decoy Caddy in the lead.
Biden's ride is pictured below.

Downtown traffic was all snarled and honking as Vice President Joe Biden was in town attending the Special Olympics World Games and discussing the new administration's policy on disabilities. Over 2,000 athletes from 100 or so different countries are here competing, giving the The Grove and Downtown a really lively atmosphere. 88 and I stopped to check out the Vice Presidential motorcade from an exterior staircase on a parking garage in BoDo. State and City Police had a tight little grid surrounding the Qwest Arena on lockdown, but we were able to perch from our location for way longer than I expected. Finally, as the long line of motorcycles started to roll out towards Vista Avenue, a uniformed cop asked us politely to vacate. He cited that no one is allowed to be in position to actually view the VP getting into his car (from outside I assume), so we moved moved over to 9th Street to watch the motorcade get hot. The Veep is most certainly a Vip. 


The Dead Acorn said...

Just, ummm, hangin' out, Biden your time, huh?

Jeebus, that's bad.

P77 said...

As always DA, quick with the wit.

William said...

Wishing I got to see this from your perch, instead I had to be in physics lab