April 13, 2009

Easter Or.

The family went to the Midwest yesterday. Liam's first plane ride.
The house is cold and quiet without them. I drank some PBRs to keep warm. Broke out the single-speed for the season's first dirt ride, trails were dry for the most part and the weather was perfect. The School Haus Rockerz hosted Easter dindin and a egg hunt for the kids (and beer hunt for the Dads!). Thanks to Erin and Lynn for the excellent food. I slipped out early and met Paulie and Warren for some cold cans before we went to the Steelhead's Western Division Semifinals game #2. We had cheap seats but with it being a sunny Sunday evening, apparently everyone was at church or something. We sat in the lower bowl until the Third period then bellied up to the glass behind Victoria's goalkeeper. Dude stopped 51 shots for the shutout! Our boys are down 0-2 of the 7 game series, looks grim.
Strange to leave the arena and it was still light outside. We had a patio beer at the Nerdolux then faded into the night. I watched a documentary about Roman Polanski and ate too many hot peppers before wobbling to an empty bed. I missed having Erin and Liam here but it was a pretty good day anyway. 


Sean said...

Sounds like a pretty good day. I haven't not seen Van for a full 24hrs .........be strong Patchez

dirty and pink said...

i enjoy your blog. you take good pictures and tell real good stories.

P DUB said...

Do you shoot photos for the Statesman?