April 30, 2009

Oh you betcha!

My Dad's Mom (Liam's Great Grandmother) turned 92 yesterday. NINETY-TWO.
She lives in the same house my Dad and his 6 siblings grew up in. 
Thinking of her makes me wish I was 7 years old again and she could spoil me rotten with homemade apple pie and cookies. 
On the phone, her accent is just as thick as the movie Fargo
she's still sharp and has a picture of Liam placed where she can see him, 
right there in her living room. Awesome.


dirty and pink said...


The Dead Acorn said...

Nice pics.

I hope you were less dilatory in your birthday wishes than you have been in your posting as of late.

Sean said...

Have you ever heard the expression "oofta" from your Grandmother? I think it is Swedish or Norwegian but sounds mid western or Minnesotian. My Grandmother says it often, it is like 'gross" or something. You might say it after walking into a bathroom after somebody rolled a duece.

Jelly Rogue said...

Aw jeez!

It's actually pronounced Uff-Da! (Norwegian)